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What It Is Like To Live In Sacramento, California

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Sacramento is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is the capital city of the state of California and its political center. In California, it is the sixth-largest city while in the country; it is the ninth-largest city. California is well known for its beautiful scenery and natural attractions, with Sacramento playing an important role in this. Sacramento is always overshadowed by the flashy coastal cousins. Various factors make it interesting to live in Sacramento. Here are to reasons as to why living in Sacramento is interesting.



1. It is a city of trees

In most of the city’s downtown streets, there are trees lined hence providing a luxurious canopy that gives the city a beautiful image. Besides, the trees provide shade and protect the residents from the hot sun during summer seasons. Sacramento Tree Foundation is striving to make the city look more natural by planting and maintaining trees in the town. When you live in Sacramento, you will be breathing fresh oxygen from the beautiful trees. The foundation also offers guided tree tours, and you will get to know various species of plants found in the city.



2. Affordable homes

California’s rich cities boast for high home prices, which go past the average home prices at the national level. The average cost of a house in San Francisco, for example, is more than $ 1 million. While this is happening, houses for sale in Sacramento have lower prices than some other prices. Their prices are affordable, with the median home price in Sacramento being $ 333, 000. You can find different types of homes in Sacramento, ranging from bungalows, condos, single-family apartments, among many others. If you want homes for sale in Sacramento, then you can get them depending on the size of your wallet and your house preference.



3. Conducive Climate

When you live in Sacramento, you will not experience harsh climatic conditions like very cold winters and very hot summers. The climate in the region is mild because the city hardly snow during the winter season. During steamy summers, the steam is mellowed away by the more cooling breezes which blow in through the delta. If you are carving for some snow, then you can get it during the winter season by driving only some miles away from the city. The delta breeze makes the residents enjoy the cool breeze throughout.



4. There are rivers everywhere

Sacramento is a city of rivers; therefore, boating, rafting, and kayaking are some of the common activities that people do for enjoyment. The rivers contribute to the beauty of the city. If you are a fan of skimming, then the Sacramento River scene is a perfect place to immerse yourself in. If you do not like getting into the water, then taking a bike ride or a jog on the American River Parkway is also an option. The parkway runs for 23 miles along the shores of America.



5. Food is affordable

Food is not expensive in Sacramento as it is in some of its neighborhoods, such as California. This is because Sacramento is endowed with fertile land, and there are many farms, vineyards, orchards in the city. Farming is one of the economic activities of the capital of California. The city produces much of what the country eats. Some of the foods that come from Sacramento include rice, beef, almonds, and many other delicacies.



6. Various outdoor activities

There are various outdoor activities that you can conduct in Sacramento apart from the mentioned ones that you can do in the rivers. The city is besieged with parks, and the famous one is Land Park downtown. You can never miss an outdoor activity that you can do every weekend or when you are free. The Sierra foothills, which are just nearby the city, offer you a beautiful place for hiking. The Folsom Lake is a perfect place for sunbathing, water-skiing, and also swimming.



7. Low-population density

The population of Sacramento is not too big; neither is too small. It has a medium population density, which sits at around 500,000. However, it is a cosmopolitan city that hosts people of different races and religions. There is no overcrowding in Sacramento city as it is in many of the biggest cities in the country. This makes it an exciting place to reside in.



8. It is a city of culture and arts

One of the oldest public art in the United States is the Crocker Art Museum, which is located in Sacramento. The city is a city of art and culture, and this is evident when you take a walk through the city. There are art walks and live cultural music of Second Saturdays Philharmonic and Opera and Sacramento. If you are a fan of art, then Sacramento is the place to live.



9. Improved Security

Sacramento is one of the safest cities in the country as there are no extreme cases of crimes and theft. There are no gangs in the city as the security agencies work hard to ensure that residents in the region live safely. The crime rates in the city are low because it is not overpopulated and there are no suburbs.



10. Excellent transport channels

The transport infrastructure of Sacramento is a classic one. There are various transport channels that you can use to move from one place to the other. There are also airlines that will help you fly from one state to the other or even outside the country. The cost of transport in Sacramento is cheap because the average cost of a bus around town ranges between $1 and $2.




According to the U.S News and World Report’s recent ranking of the best places to live, Sacramento has risen in terms of its position. It is now number 82, and initially, it was number 92 on the list. This is a sign that Sacramento is an excellent place to live as it has an overall score of 6.2 out of 10. Sacramento is going technological advancements and cultural development, therefore, bringing a good life in the capital of California.

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