If you are planning to put your home up for sale in Arizona, it is worth noting that there are laws in place telling you what you must disclose to a buyer. Almost every homebuyer will have unique questions about the home they are buying, which is why sellers often ask us how much they are legally obligated to disclose.

The Residental Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement is a standard document that can be found in just about any real estate transaction in the state of Arizona and beyond.

Anyone who is planning to sell their Arizona home must disclose any issues or defects that they are aware of before finalizing the sale. There are six sections in the disclosure agreement that every home seller must fill out.


Ownership and Property


The “Ownership and Property” section has questions regarding the property details, including the current status, address, age, assessments, association fees, easements, liens, and much more. This is the section where you will need to fill out any of the necessary disclosures.


Building and Safety Information


The “Building and Safety Information” section includes questions regarding the structure and roof. It also asks about any completed or require repairs, plumbing issues and repairs, and wood infestations.




The “Utilities” section asks about the property’s utilities, including fuel, electricity, trash collection, water services, fire services, postal delivery, cable, and Internet.


Environmental Information


Any known issue regarding soil, drainage, moisture, dampness, or fissures, must be disclosed by the seller. These are all regarded as “environmental issues.” This section also requires sellers to report any issues with nearby toxic waste disposal, noise from airports or highways, and traffic.


Sewer/Waste Water Treatment


The “Sewer/Waste Water Treatment” section asks that sellers include any information regarding the sewage and wastewater systems in the property. Any repairs on the systems must be disclosed as well. This section also asks about the last time any inspections were done, if any, as they must be disclosed as well.

Other Conditions & Factors


The final “Other Conditions & Factors” section is a catch-all section. Any material facts that the other sections dif not cover must be disclosed here. These are disclosure facts that may impact the property value.


General Arizona Disclosure


There are a few things that sellers must disclose in the state of Arizona specifically. For example, if your home was built prior to 1978, any issues surrounding the use of lead-based paint must be disclosed. Any lead paint reports or inspections must also be disclosed.


If You’re Unsure, Disclose


Sellers often ask us if they need to disclose information that they are unsure is relevant to the property value. While Arizona sellers do not have to disclose home deaths, disease exposure, or sex offenders in the area, most other things are best to disclose.

Any information that could be of relevance to the buyer should be disclosed for their safety and well-being. Any material facts that come up after the fact could put you in legal jeopardy if you do not disclose them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.