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What To Consider When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

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Whether it is to remediate to damages made by a big storm or general wear and tear, most homeowners have to choose a contractor to repair their roof sooner or later. It can be an expensive and daunting project and selecting the right professional for the job is essential.


Here are some tips to consider when hiring a roofing contractor and some questions you must ask them to avoid a bad experience.


1. Does your roofing contractor have a good reputation?

Word of mouth from local people is often the best way to hire any contractor. However, don’t forget to do your homework and check the reputation of the professional you are considering through other ways. You can google their name online to find reviews of previous clients and check with organizations like Better Business Bureau.

Before hiring anyone, it is a good idea to obtain quotes from at least three different contractors.



2. Is your roofing contractor insured?

A contractor and his crew should have $1 million in insurance for general liability. It will protect not only your property but also if someone gets hurt while working on your house. Don’t hesitate to ask for a certificate of insurance and contact the insurance coverage with the company listed directly if you have any doubts.



3. What is your roofing contractor’s professional experience?

Some states require roofing contractors to be licensed. Do your research, and if applicable, require that the roofing contractor shows you his license and verify its status with the state (it can be done online in most cases).

Roofing is not something that you can improvise and requires an extensive experience in several types of roofing to be able to face any issues. A good roofing contractor should be in business for several years and be able to show you a portfolio of previous jobs with references.



4. Does your roofing contractor offer a warranty?

Many roofing issues do not appear until the roof is put to the test, sometimes weeks or months after the job is completed. Ask any prospective roofing contractor what type of warranty they offer in case any problems should arise later on.


A roofing contractor should come back to your home promptly, inspect your roof and decide on the best solution for any problem that may come up: this is a workmanship warranty. He should also stand by the product he uses and replace it if it is defective: this is a manufacturer warranty. A trustworthy contractor should offer both.



5. What will be included in the contract?

A roofing contractor you are considering working on your home should be able to draft a contract including the following elements:

  • Timeline for the job
  • Materials to be used
  • Description of the job to be done and the contractor’s responsibilities, including cleaning
  • Payment details



6. How can you contact your roofing contractor?

Ask if your roofing contractor will be doing the job himself or if he will be hiring a subcontractor. It will be a lot easier to work with someone that will be working on your roof directly. He should also be responsive and offer more than one way to get in touch with him if needed. 

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