If you spot termite damage in your home, do not panic!  Though termites can compromise the structure of your home, signs of damage are not a guarantee you will have to spend thousands of dollars for repairs.  Time is of the essence.  Act quickly and you just might be able to get rid of the termites before they cause significant damage.  Let’s take a quick look at how you should proceed after finding termite damage in your home.



What to do After Termite Damage?  Take Immediate Action to Minimize the Destruction

You can do a few things on your own to prevent your termite problem from worsening.  As an example,  if you have shrubs near your home’s foundation, trim them.  If you store firewood near the base of your home, move it far away from the house so termites in the wood are not in close proximity to your living space.  It will also help to reduce the use of mulch around your home.


If there are airflow issues or a buildup of moisture, address those problems right away.  Otherwise, even more termites will be drawn to your home.  However, such measures will only do so much to keep termites at bay.  More is necessary to eliminate the termites in your home and prevent even additional termites from moving into your living space.  Fail to consult with the professionals and you are likely to end up with uber-costly repairs that probably won’t be covered by your standard insurance policy.



what to do if I have termite damage


Contact the Professionals Right Away

The termite remedies available in stores and detailed on the web will only do so much.  You will need the assistance of the termite experts for immediate professional analysis and treatment.  Our pest control team has the specialized tools and knowledge necessary to identify termite activity and perform timely removal.  We understand the sight of termites in your home is unsettling yet there is no reason to panic or put your home up for sale. 


Reach out to our termite specialists right away so we can assess the problem and eliminate the termites as quickly as possible.  If you delay, you run the risk of your home’s floors or ceilings collapsing.  Even if the termites do not compromise your home’s foundation, these little buggers will damage everything from your walls to carpeting, furniture and beyond.  The failure to act in a timely manner will only worsen the condition.



Sit back and let the Termite Experts Take Care of the Infestation

Let the termite gurus inspect the infestation and you will finally know the true extent of your termite problem.  Timely treatment will prevent structural failure, return your living space to normal and provide an invaluable peace of mind.  Do not assume the termites will stay far away from your home in the years ahead.  Have your home inspected at least once each year for termites to prevent additional infestations and costly repairs. 



Perform the Necessary Repairs

Once our pest professional has guaranteed there are no longer termites attacking your home and the chances of additional infestation are slim-to-none, it is time to perform repairs.  Our termite specialist will account for all of the damage so you know exactly what needs to be repaired.  You can now proceed with repairs to the parts of your home damaged by termites.