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What To Do When You’re Home Just Won’t Sell

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New sellers always tell us how surprising it is when they find out how difficult it to sell a home quickly compared to buying a home for cheap. So many people deal with the fact that they are stuck with a property that just won’t sell.

The frustration is something we can all share. The feeling can be quite helpless or discouraging when you are stuck with a home that no one seems to want to buy, especially when you have poured a lot of time and money into that home.



So What Do You Do?

When you have a home that no one wants to buy, you have to understand why. In most cases, there is at least one of two things that are going on.



 Buyers Don’t Agree With the Asking Price

While buyers might not agree with your asking price, this does not necessarily mean that your asking price is wrong. In fact, it might mean that your home IS worth as much as you are asking, though you have simply failed to communicate the value to your potential buyers in a way that they are willing to accept that.

In many cases, the photos for your home aren’t very good or you haven’t provided enough information. You have to remember how important it is to convey to potential buyers WHY your property is as valuable as you say. You can use information such as features, comparable, location, and more, to convey that.

The main point is that you haven’t helped your potential buyers to connect the dots as to why your home is worth what you are asking. Decide if you are asking too much or if you haven’t provided enough information.



Your Promotion Hasn’t Reached the Right Buyers

Sometimes, the fact that you can’t sell your home comes down to the lack of promotion. You may have given all of the right information in your listing and clearly communicated the value of your home, though the funnels that you are putting that information through don’t have the right reach or a loud enough calling.

If your listing isn’t making it in front of the right people, it doesn’t really matter how great the listing is. You must first figure out how to get your listing in front of the right buyers. We can’t stress the importance enough of getting your property listing in front of the right eyeballs.



A Few Selling Remedies

With those two things in mind, here are a few ideas that you may consider when you feel as if all hope is lost:


  • Create A Pro Listing with Quality Photos and a Detailed Description
  • Promote Your Listing In As Many Places as Possible
  • Be More Frequent With Your Listings
  • Offer Seller Financing
  • Offer a Warranty
  • Make Property Improvements
  • Ask Why Buyers Aren’t Biting
  • Build a List of Buyers
  • Lower The Price


Who knows? You might need to reassess everything when trying to sell a home that isn’t selling. Be flexible and don’t rush the process.

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