There are some things you should store when moving to new digs and other things that should never go in storage amidst a move.  However, plenty of people have never used storage services in the past so they are understandably uninformed about what should and should not be stored.  Some millennials and members of generation Z have never moved and are genuinely clueless about storage.  Fret not, our moving experts are here to help you determine the items that should be placed in storage and those that should not be placed in storage amidst a move.



Items to put in Storage

Household Appliances – Appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers are so bulky and heavy that it might be best to place them in storage.  Do not move your large appliances to your new digs until you are absolutely certain you have enough space to accommodate them.  Furthermore, the home you are moving to might already have the same large appliances in place so there is no sense having two of the same thing. 


Furniture – Furniture is commonly stored in storage units for good reason: furniture is large, heavy and takes up an abundance of space.  If you are moving to an apartment, dorm room or downsizing your home, you probably won’t have enough space for an abundance of furniture.  Furthermore, your current furniture might not suit the aesthetic of your new digs.  In some cases, the apartment or home is already furnished so there is no need to duplicate furniture items.  In particular, it makes sense to store furniture such as patio tables/chairs, mattresses and other bedding in storage as they are large and might not be necessary at your new digs.


Files, Documents, Magazines and Books – These items can be placed in storage for an extensive period of time so they do not take up space at your new home.  This is not to say you should store all of your most important personal paperwork away from your new home.  Rather, paperwork that is not highly-sensitive, receipts, books and magazines can be placed in storage so they are out of the way.



Items not to put in Storage

Dangerous Items – Any item that is hazardous, dangerous or potentially harmful in any way should not be placed in storage.  Do not lose sight of the fact that you do not own the storage space so you have no right to store dangerous items at such a facility.  Furthermore, it is illegal to store items that can corrode, explode or burn in storage facilities as they pose a threat to human health.  Such items can also cause extensive damage to the storage facility to boot.  Store all guns, paints, oils, fuel, acids, chemicals, gases, fireworks, liquor and pesticides at your own property.


Food – Food should not be placed in the storage unit.  The problem with storing food in a storage garage or other space is the fact that it attracts rodents and insects, causing a nasty infestation that ultimately compromises the storage facility.  Even if you are not concerned with the condition of the storage facility, rodents and insects will eventually find their way into your boxes or other storage compartments and wreak havoc.


Plants – Plants require light, air and water to thrive.  In other words, a storage space is the worst possible place for your plants.  Making matters worse is the fact that plants attract pests.   If you do not have enough space for plants at your new digs, give your leafy friends to a family member, buddy or co-worker.  Move your plants with care to ensure they make it to their new home in good condition.