There is no question that the homebuying process can be a scary one. When it comes down to buying the right home, buyers are constantly asking,


“Who is the person that I can trust to help me?”


We want to know if real estate agents will work in our best interest to make sure that we get the best deal on a home, though in many cases, agents will do whatever it takes to sell a home, even if that means cutting corners. With mortgage brokers, we try to seek the best deal, though sometimes end up with mortgages that become far too expensive as they years go on.


Many homebuyers out there are fed up. While there are tons of sellers out there hiring real estate agents to help them market and sell their properties, there aren’t many buyers who are hiring their own agents to help them get the best deal and find the right home.



What Do Agents Do?

Traditionally, real estate agents represent sellers instead of buyers, as they receive a percentage when they sell a home. If their goal is to make the most money, which it usually is, they will try and sell the house for a price that is as high as possible, as they will then receive a bigger cut.


On the other hand, a buyer’s agent helps you to tip the scales in the other direction by utilizing his or her professional representation skills. The buyer’s agent is essentially there for the buyer, helping to provide them with a more realistic picture of the price, home, and surrounding neighborhood, even when the seller’s agent is doing everything in their power to get you to buy a house.



Should You Get A Buyer’s Agent?

Though it sounds pretty great, you need to keep in mind that buyer’s agents are not all-powerful. There are certainly things that they will not be able to help you with.


A buyer’s can help you to find a fair price on a home, though they cannot promise that you’ll get a great deal. A buyer’s agent gets paid with a percentage of the sale just like the seller, so they also have an incentive to get you to purchase a home. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trying to upsell you, though they definitely want you to purchase a home with their help.



Why Get A Buyer’s Agent

Here are a few reasons that you should get a buyer’s agent:

  • They can help you find the best property by scheduling appointments and teaching you about homes and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • They can help you negotiate the offer with the seller’s agent.
  • They can recommend you different professionals, such as attorneys, mortgage brokers, movers, etc.




A great buyer’s agent can help to pave your way to homeownership, though a second-rate buyer’s agent might hurt you in the long run. Just like with any homebuying process, make sure to shop around with different buyer’s agents.


Have you ever dealt with a buyer’s agent in the past? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!