Are you planning on moving an exploring life in Orlando Florida? It is an ideal place to consider living in, but knowing how it’s like to live there is essential to help you understand what you’ll be getting into. Whether you’re looking at condos or houses in Orlando, here’s what you need to know about what it’s like living there.


Orland Florida ranks at number 63 among the best places to live, and number 22 among the best places to retire. Houses in Orlando cost slightly higher in Orlando than the national average price, and everyday expenses like food and healthcare are generally top-notch.


Weather in Orlando

Another great advantage of living in Orlando is the weather. The state features high temperatures that are great for allowing locals to enjoy the numerous lakes throughout the year. However, Orlando summers leads to a lot of rainfall. It has a fantastic weather that will allow you to carry on with various activities with minimum distraction from the weather. This is a place you can really enjoy walking around owing to the high temperatures.


How to Get Around in Orlando



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Orlando highly requires a person to have a car for them to easily move about owing to its large size. The size of the city is too large to consider walking, although there are a lot of places to walk, such as wooded trails and lakefront paths. The city also features a regional transit system for buses which is known as Lynx and it also has Sun Rail, which is a rail system for commuters. It is not a problem for you to get around the city and enjoy all that it has to offer.


Another advantage is that you can also get in and out of Orlando via air travel. The international airport in Orlando accounts for a large share of air traffic in the state of Florida, and it features over 43 million passengers annually. This city is the second to Miami international airport in terms of being busy.


This adds to the convenience of living in this city, whereby you can easily carry on with businesses or even pleasure in other places and easily commute back home. You do not have to sacrifice anything in your life for you to live in this beautiful city.


Living in Orlando, FL

The Orlando metro area includes nearby communities of Sanford and Kissimmee. It houses over 2 million residents. Although Florida is famous as a retirement hotspot, over two-thirds of residents in Orlando are working class. Orlando also shows a sign of progressive and tolerant outlook due to the LGBT community’s acceptance. The city accommodates all religious beliefs, from the staunch ones to the casual ones.

Another great thing about Orlando is that it is culturally diverse. The city is home to residents who have come from around the world. Some residents are long-term, while others just reside temporarily to enjoy the city’s warm winters. This exposure to such diverse cultures is fun and you will definitely enjoy living in this city. You will feel at home regardless of your cultural affiliations as the tolerance in the city is impressive.


Things to Do in Orlando



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There are a lot of fun things to do in Orlando. Theme parks aren’t the only attractions in Orlando. The city has seen massive growth over the past ten years, which has led to the introduction of the Orlando touring and magic shows, as well as other centers for Performing Arts.

You will find professional sporting teams in this city and they include, Orlando City, Orlando Anarchy, Orlando Predators and Orlando Magic. You will get to enjoy a chance to watch any of these matches while in the city. You can never get bored while living in this magnificent city.

Here are some great places to check out as a resident in Orlando:

Universal Orlando resort – This legendary resort feature great stuff like wizards, witches to Marvel superheroes. It is a resort suitable for families, kidult, and film fans alike. It is an excellent place for fun activities.

ICON Orlando – ICON Orlando is a 400-foot tall convention center that enables you to have a skyline view of the city. It gives you an opportunity to see everything that Orlando has to offer through a 360-degree view. Check out more info about ICON Orlando

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex – It provides guests with the opportunity to live the incredible life of an astronout. You get a chance to enjoy life as experienced in space through the use of technology, which features elements of augmented reality as well as the use of life like holograms.


Buying  Houses in Orlando

When it comes to buying houses in Orlando, you need to be cautious and approach the process in the right manner. What is mostly recommended is seeking the help of a real estate agent to assist you with the entire process.


Houses in Orlando vary in prices depending on the neighborhood the house is situated. There are cheap neighborhoods, and there are also expensive neighborhoods. Knowing your budget and the cost of living, you can manage to thrive greatly contributes to the kind of house you buy and its neighborhood.


Here are some of the steps you need to take when purchasing a home in Florida:


1. Engage a local real estate agent

2. Begin hunting for property

3. Once you or your real estate agent find a potential property, request for an inspection

4. Ensure you have the finances you need once you get a good house. You need to check on mortgage pre-approval.

5. Once you sort out your financial situation, make an offer.

6. When the seller accepts your offer, agree and close the deal



Living in Orlando, Florida, is not such a bad idea. The city has a lot to offer, and the fact that it is situated inside one of the most popular states in America makes it an excellent place to consider settling in and building your life or even retire there. Make sure you check out what it’s liking living in Florida when looking at houses in Orlando.