California is one of the coolest states in American soil. With a combination of its suitable weather conditions and the beauty that adorns this state, California state in one of those states that everyone admires to live in in the United States. Some call it home to Hollywood royalty with beautiful and ever nice people. With reputable firms like Silicon Valley a prominent tech capital of the world. Everybody loves recreation. Well, California State offers a wide choice of recreation sports ranging from surfing, skiing to sandboarding. What’re more, cities in California make life worth living. Talk about healthcare, all social amenities, and infrastructure, California has some of the best in the states. In this article, we categorically look into the best cities in California to live in.


1. Sacramento

Sacramento is one of the coolest places in California with some of the most affordable in luxurious homes to live in. Sacramento is beautiful. It is fresh with tree-lined streets. If you love fun, which happens to be every one of us, Sacramento homes are those homes you will admire to live in. this part of California is graced with luxuries; beer scenes, great wine, and very decorated and healthy streets. This city is an appealing one and you will brag about owning a home in a beautiful corner of California without any regret.


Homes in Sacramento are relatively affordable and very well furnished. Whether for sale or one to rent, you will find that Sacramento has all that you are looking for in every great home in America. On average, a median home for sale in Sacramento city is approximately $238,500, an amount affordable to most Americans.


It has a population of half a million people making this great city dance between suburban life and city life which is very attractive and comfortable to stay in. there are plenty of decorated parks everywhere here and streams and rivers. If you love hiking, there are great foothills to do that. Folsom lake is a site for swimming, water skiing and bathing out there in the sun.


2. Bakersfield

Bakersfield is an ever-flourishing city in California state. Bakersfield homes are very affordable. It is a room for economic growth and affordability. It has one of the most affordable living environments in California. If you are looking at acquiring a cheap apartment in California, then you won’t regret owning one at an affordable price in Bakersfield. Be it home for rent, you will live to enjoy your times with your family in Bakersfield and witness great interaction with its beautiful and very nice people.

In Bakersfield, real estate properties are available in plenary at affordable prices. Besides, there many programs in Bakersfield to help potential home buyers actualize their dream of owning a home in a much easier way. Everyone loves living in a place with healthy residential neighborhoods and Bakersfield is such a place.


You will enjoy living in a home encompassed by other great and modern luxurious buildings. Bakersfield continues to witness substantial growth and more developments of cool infrastructure and social amenities to make life worth living for all homeowners and those who live in rentals in equal measure. Bakersfield has a good variety of restaurants where you can enjoy your meals on an out whether yourself or with your family on a dinner. Services here are modern and quality. Everyone loves music; Bakersfield is such a city with live music from the band to all variety every weekend to take your mind out of pressures of work and stress that comes with it. Its people are friendly and family-oriented. One can acquire a cheap and comfortable home in Bakersfield at an approximate value of a minimum of $125,000. Remember this is not the fixed value. Homes vary in prices depending on the prevailing real estate values and much on the type of home.


3. San Diego

Among the most culturally diverse cities in California and America at large, San Diego is the largest city in California with a population of about 1.35 million people according to the recent statistics. San Diego is a real melting pot of cultures in California and everyone is glad to own rent a home in California. This is one of the most admired cities in California.


During summer, San Diego city has a very ideal climate bringing people from all walks of life to enjoy themselves in this great city. Night-life in San Diego is one of the best in America with bustling activities and tourists walking around. Gas lamp Quarter is prominent for this. Perhaps one of the teething things though expected is the fact that San Diego has a relatively higher cost of living. Rentals go for from a relatively high value of $463,300. It should be noted that rental values are dependent on the suburbs in the city. San Diego has a huge array of industries dealing with varied activities. This has witnessed great figures of employment in San Diego.


There is no denying that San Diego is the best city to live in California. Whether you have just started a family or having a large family to college students, owning a home in San Diego city is something everybody would admire to taste. It is a place with great weather and cool social amenities. Life in San Diego is perfectly suitable for everyone in America.


4. Irvine

Boasting with a medium population of 240,000 people Irvine city in California is a small city with great homes, nice people and cool social amenities. It ranks among the safest place in the United States. With a strong and gradually improving economy, Irvine city has plenty of jobs that pay very well. This owes to the large variety of large scale industries in the city. From kindergarten to college-level studies, education in Irvine city is very quality. It has reputable learning institutions such as the University of California and Concordia University.


Irvine has cool homes most of which are affordable to most people in California for both renting and purchase. Real estate figures are very promising for everyone who wants to buy or sell a home in Irvine City of California.



California State is among the coolest in America. From all parts of America, almost everybody dreams of owning a home or an apartment in California. It has a suitable climate and its cities are healthy and very fit and conducive to live in. most homes in Californian cities are affordable are of high standards.