It happened. You’ve made the choice that it’s time to sell your home. The real estate markets are booming and you’re ready to make a sweet profit off your home and move on to your next adventure. However, you might not be feeling up for the long slog of selling your home.


You’re wanting the process to be as quick and painless as possible. For that to happen you have to list your home at the right time. There are clear times of the year where selling your home is optimal but let’s go through the benefits of every season so that you can choose what works for you.



Homes sell faster when the weather gets warmer. The birds and bees are back in full swing and your house is looking at its best. The grass is greener and plants are starting to bloom displaying their full beauty.  There are no obvious reasons why homes sell faster but tax returns and more energy are a positive factor.  

This time of year also gives you plenty of room to prepare in the winter for selling. After moving in you and your family can enjoy a nice summer that you can work together unpacking everything. If you’re looking for a quick sale, spring is prime real estate season.



The same benefits from spring also fall here, no pun intended. You’ll have less time to unbox those boxes but it’s the perfect time to get to work. The issues with the summer are that people usually take vacations this time of year so they won’t be spending as much. Also vacationing may be a bit harder for you since you just moved into a new place. 

Location matters! If you’re in the northern United States then summer real estate sales go up but if you’re in the south sales go down. The reason? It becomes simply too hot for people to want to make any kind of move.



Autumn can be a difficult selling season if your prices are high. Typically buyers during this season are looking for more affordable price ranges. However, buyers can have more of a sense of urgency before the weather gets bad and school starts.



Something else that freezes is real estate sales. If you’re living in a state where the temperature doesn’t get dramatically cold then you should be fine. This time of the year is typically used to get a move ready. You can always take your chances and put your house up during winter but don’t count on a quick process. 


Other Tips

Keep your eyes on the employment rates, the higher the better the chances you’ll sell. Put your house up on the weekend, try Friday or Saturday. Take a look at mortgage rates and if they’ve been raised recently or not. It can be hectic selling a home but remember to keep your cool no matter the temperature, it’s a time to celebrate not to let stress take you over.