Humans have placed great value on the color of their homes for millennia. For example, the palace of Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III (1386-1353 BCE) was brightly painted, with walls of blue and green. But these colors were not chosen randomly – each one had specific symbolism attached.


As humans, we use color in this way every day. From the branding of food products we consume to the color of the car that we drive,  the psychology of color is as important to us now as it was then. Each piece of marketing we’re exposed to is strategically designed to convey a message or a feeling, down to the color of the font chosen.


But how can this help you sell your home? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most persuasive exterior paint colors that will convince buyers your home is the one for them.




Don’t be mistaken into thinking that clue is only an appropriate color for coastal homes. According to HGTV, blue is one of the top selling colors for homes, and according to Zillow, they also sell for more on average. Blue can help to make your home to make a statement, by enhancing architectural elements and standing out in listing photos.




The color white evokes images of serenity and cleanliness and the phrase ‘White picket fence” is often used to describe an idyllic home. Light colors also make your home appear larger. Stark white, can look harsh, instead, use a creamy white with yellow undertones for the exterior of your home.






This mix of grey and beige is the perfect neutral.  This on-trend color not only looks fabulous, homes that are painted this color also command a selling price of $3,496 more on average. The exterior of your home is the perfect place to embrace this timeless hybrid color.




Creamy, pale yellow is the perfect complement to a country farmhouse. Cheery and warm, with the right hue this color can your home can appear larger and more inviting to potential buyers. Be sure not to choose a sickly tone though, as this may draw the wrong kind of attention.




A warm and earthy color, brown is a dark neutral that can look wonderful on particular types of home. Extremely popular with ranch homes and mountain lodges, brown evokes feelings of safety and security.


The most important thing to remember when you’re choosing your exterior paint color is that is must suit your homes architectural style. It’s also useful to remember that It’s OK to stand out and give your home some individuality,  but it’s important not to clash with the surrounding houses. If your home is in an eclectic neighborhood, you can usually be a little more daring with your color choice.  


Keep your potential buyers in mind when choosing your homes exterior paint color. Most buyers make their decision about whether they like a house in the first 30 seconds of seeing it. Don’t jeopardize your chance of a sale by painting your house an obnoxious color that isn’t in keeping with its design.