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Why is the iBuyer market dominating in Raleigh NC?

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Real estate transactions are complex and consume a lot of time. The deals tend to go slow as they involve seller’s concession, selling fees, closing costs, repair costs, double mortgage, time, and double move. With the idea of solving this slowness in selling and buying houses, iBuyer has emerged. The iBuyers transaction involves closing costs, repairs costs, and selling fees. The iBuyer market provides no need for listing agents hence reduces the amount used as a transaction commission. Using a real estate agent to sell houses in Durham NC averages $350,000. This cost would be less when using iBuyer for the same services.


In case I want to sell my house through iBuyer, all I need to do is make an offer to them, and I receive their response within three days as they use their advanced technology to evaluate the house. With their automated method of assessing the value of the home, the selling process becomes simpler, convenient, and reliable. Due to their fast inspections, loan underwriting, and closing process, the iBuyer market dominates the Raleigh NC. Houses in Raleigh NC sales statistics show that the buying is growing with a 14.8% share of home sales purchased in the year 2019. Let us look at some reasons why the iBuyer is dominating in Raleigh, NC, and how it has eased the selling and buying of houses which can be an overwhelming process.


Quick on the transaction process

The iBuyer transaction process involves four significant steps:


1. Make a request.

The homeowner makes an offer to sell their home. In case the home meets the standards, the iBuyer responds an all-cash offer on the home within two days.


2. Have time to evaluate the iBuyer offer

The iBuyer offers segments your home value into transaction fees, closing costs, and the selling price. You have the time to make your final decision regarding the offer they provide for your home.


3. Accept the offer and set time for a home assessment

When you finally accept the offer, you required to set a time for the iBuyer to assess your home. The purpose of the assessment is to determine if there are any repairs needed for the house. If there are repairs required, the iBuyer does the cost of the repairs necessary and deducts it from your selling price.


4. Choose a closing date

After the repair, if any, you are requested to set a closing date, and you can move out when ready. The selling payment is made some days after you set the closing date.


The whole process is quick and straightforward and precise. In case you are in a time-fix and require to do your sell out as soon as possible, using iBuyer becomes the best option to give you monetary flexibility within the shortest time possible. Most people selling their homes in North Carolina are opting for iBuyer to sell their homes. This speed in the transaction makes the iBuyer beat the odds in the competitive market of selling homes. For houses in Raleigh NC, owners opt to use iBuyer due to its faster selling and instant cash out.



Choosing to use iBuyer for their services means selling your home with less or no hassle at all. The reason being iBuyer takes all the responsibilities of selling a house un-like the others in the market.


Absence of realtors

When I opt to sell my house, the first thing to do is to find the buyer. The process to get maybe hectic and tiresome and may lead you to get a realtor. Getting the right realtor is hard. When you opt to use iBuyer to sell your home, this means no realtor is involved, and the process entails the owner of the house and the buyer.



After the iBuyer has done assessment and inspection, in case there are any repairs required, it is their duty to make them. The iBuyer takes the responsibility to repair as there are aware of what are essentials things to do repair and renovation. Doing the repairs makes the home on sale ready for the market.


Home decluttering

When selling your home, for instance, homes in North Carolina, there are some items such as decorations and appliances that you don’t want to include in the sale of the home. Though it is your responsibility to remove them from the house, having the option of using iBuyer, they help you in decluttering. The burden of iBuyer helping in decluttering makes their service dominate the market.



The iBuyer dominancy in the market, also triggered by the certainty of sell out the home. The main responsibility of iBuyer is selling out homes; once you make an offer, and they accept it, then it becomes a guarantee that your home sells out. With the moderate cost of houses in Durham NC, you can decide to use iBuyer to sell your house to be sure to get a potential buyer.



The iBuyer takes the responsibility to inspect and do repairs off your hands, which is significant stress when selling your home. They do an inspection of your home for repairs and do the repairs to make your house ready for sale.



When selling your home, regular showing to potential buyers may be so often, at times, disrupting your life. Using iBuyer to sell your house solves the problem of disruption caused by displays as the iBuyer does the showings and deal with the potential buyers onward.


Home Staging

Selling your home means you must present your home to the potential public to find a potential buyer. Performing or staging your home requires payment and consumes time too. Using the option of iBuyer makes it a relief as the iBuyer does stage your home and makes it easier to get a potential buyer.


Regardless of the competitive real estate market, iBuyer has dominated since its entry into the market. Becoming dominant in any market requires a strategized plan to beat all the odds in it. The discussion above expounds on how and the reasons why the iBuyer market is dominating Raleigh, NC.

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