Why Old Houses Lack Closet Space and How to Make Adjustments

Why Old Houses Lack Closet Space and How to Make Adjustments

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When it comes to older homes, many of them lack architectural space, such as closets. When many of these historical homes were built, they lacked closet space because people did not own as many pairs of clothing. This reduced the need for closet space.


Most articles of clothing that were owned during the late 19th and early 20th centuries were placed in large drawers or trunks. Hangers weren’t even invented until the 1800s!


Of course, as time went on and people began buying more clothing, the popularity of external furniture, such as dressers and armoires, increased.


If you have a home or are looking to buy a home that lacks closet space and storage, we recommend checking out some of these tips to make the most of the space you do have.



Closet Use In Older Homes

Closets were used in older homes to store precious belongings rather than clothing. People referred to these closets as cupboards, and they were typically not built inside bedrooms.


Many people actually used these closets for private activities too, such as bathing or praying.



Get Some Good Furniture

You might want to consider filling your home with old chests, armoires, or dressers. It may actually fit the architectural vibe if you purchase your furniture in accordance with the home’s look. This will help to retain the old-school charm while providing you with enough space for all of your belongings. We highly recommend taking advantage of storage underneath your bed if you can too!



Add Some Closet Space!

If you’re willing to give up a bit of space in your bedroom, you might consider adding on some closet space. Think about it, you have all of that interior wall space to use as well!

Depending on the type of closet that you want to build, you may want to hire a contractor. Of course, if the closet is a separate unit, it may be fairly easy to just add it in to an already existing space.



Convert a Smaller Room

If you have a smaller room that is beside your master bedroom that isn’t going to good use, you may want to consider converting that smaller room into a closet for all of your belongings. Essentially, you’ll have yourself a huge walk-in closet without having to make any permanent changes to the overall architecture.


This is great if you are ultimately deciding to sell your home, as all you’ll need to do is move out your belongings like you would with any other room.




Of course, you might see your lack of closet space as an opportunity to purge belongings you don’t need. Most of us have more clothing and belongings than we actually need, so having limited space may help you to see what is truly important to you.


Have you ever had to adjust closet space in the past? What method did you use to make it happen? Let us know in the comments!

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