A cluttered home is less likely to sell than a tidy home with clear walkways, clean surfaces and a minimalist aesthetic.  Eliminate the clutter from your home and it will look that much more spacious.  Home-seekers covet such open space as it provides them with the opportunity to envision how they will make the space into their own.  Let’s take a closer look at why it makes sense to declutter a home prior to selling it.



Declutter to Identify Potential Issues With Your Home

Your house might have one or several problems yet you might not know about them unless the space is decluttered.  Eliminate the clutter from your basement, attic, walkways, cabinets and other spaces.  Once all of these items are removed, you will be able to identify problems that require repair.  The alternative is to leave your clutter in place and have no idea if there is mold, leaking pipes or other problems that will make the home that much more challenging to sell.



Declutter to Make Your Home Appear More Spacious

Get rid of those unnecessary items throughout your home and your property will appear larger, more spacious and inviting.  Decluttering is especially important for the living room, bedroom and closets as home-seekers are looking for large storage spaces as well as social spaces to enjoy with family and friends.  If you leave all of your items in the open, you are essentially challenging interested bidders to use their imagination to picture how the property will look without all of your possessions in place.  This mistake could cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.



Getting rid of the Excess Makes It Easier to Stage the Home

If you would like to sell your home for top dollar as quickly as possible, you should stage it.  However, if your home is laden with clutter, staging it can backfire in a big way.  Consider what prospective buyers will think when they see your home is rife with random objects, impeded walkways, etc.  Eliminate the excess and you will be able to feature the home’s best qualities without interference from clutter.



Decluttering Makes It Easier to Clean the Property

If your possessions are in your way, it will be difficult to clean your home.  Declutter your entire home prior to cleaning it.  Once the unnecessary items are out of the way, the prospect of cleaning the entirety of your property will no longer be as intimidating. 



Declutter to Attack and Eliminate Pests

Bugs and rodents are drawn to clutter as it provides shelter and a hidden space for protection.  Once you start to declutter, you will might find spiders, ants, water bugs and other unsavory little creatures amidst all the items in your living space.  No home-seeker is looking for a property with pests.  Get rid of all the junk, exterminate the pests, perform a thorough cleaning and you will be able to put your home on the market in full confidence knowing interested parties will not find insects and rodents as they traverse the property.



Let Bidders Focus on What Matters Most

Interested home-seekers should be able to focus on the home’s features rather than its junk.  Declutter the entirety of your home and interested parties will zero in on your property’s best qualities and niceties.  This way, you won’t run the risk of your possessions diverting attention away from your home’s most marketable features.  The alternative is to let interested parties venture through your home and end up focusing on your possessions scattered about the living space instead of its fireplace, spacious windows, lovely hardwood floors, tall ceilings and other strengths.